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Testimonials From Lawyers & Judges



Randy’s work has been recognized by lawyers and judges, as reflected by the following letters:


  • Roy Greenwood, a retired post-conviction lawyer in Austin,  wrote the following email to  the course director after Randy spoke at a seminar: “Randy's presentation was far and away the best I've seen....Why was he different?  While other lawyers have given presentations about cases in which they were involved,  his presentation, succinct and to the point,  discussed particular legal issues that criminal defense lawyers may come up against.  He identified the problem, explained how he discovered  it, how he reacted to it; and, he identified the 'bad actors.'  The bottom line—his presentation was a teaching event that any lawyer could use, not just a general 'bitching' about problems.”

  • The court reporter taking the testimony in a lengthy capital murder habeas corpus proceeding sent Randy an email that, “If I ever kill someone, I would hire you.”

  • Dean Gregory, a criminal defense lawyer in Washington, D.C., wrote in a letter, “I became an attorney because of your representation of Randall Adams. I would be honored/inspired to have your signature in my copy of Adams v Texas.”

  • State district Judge Denise Collins, after leaving the bench, sent the following letter: "Just so very grateful for your kindness and professional opinion of my work.  Not that you need my opinion, you are brilliant, can analyze and confront the legal issues, and are one of the best trial lawyers.  A rare combination."

  • State District Judge Ted Poe (and now a United States congressman) wrote in recommending Randy for admission to the American Board of Criminal Lawyers:

“Randy Schaffer is a superb criminal defense attorney.  His preparation for trial is unsurpassed and it has made the difference.  He fights for his clients with zest.  He has superior knowledge of the law.  He has unimpeachable ethics.  He is a formidable foe in the courtroom and is easily one of the ten best criminal defense lawyers I have ever known.  He has a reputation among the defense bar and the prosecution as an excellent trial and appellate lawyer.”


  • State District Judge Miron Love wrote in recommending Randy for admission to the American Board of Criminal Lawyers:

“Mr. Schaffer has represented many clients before me and, without exception, has conducted himself in the highest professional manner.  It is my considered opinion that he is among the top two per cent of the trial lawyers in Harris County that appear in criminal court.  He is zealous in his practice, with sensitive concern for the welfare and rights of his client as well as strict compliance with the highest professional standards.  He is not only skilled in trial, but he is unexcelled in perfecting appeals.”


  • State District Judge Joe Kegans was quoted in a Houston Post article profiling Randy:

“He is probably the best prepared lawyer I have ever seen in my courtroom.”


  • John Hannah, Jr., Secretary of State (and later a federal district judge) wrote the following letter to Randy about the Randall Dale Adams case:

“I happened to read Adams v. Texas last night.  I knew of your heroic efforts in that case and of your success against huge odds.  I didn’t know the details.  Thanks again from those of us who value justice and freedom.  You were magnificent.”


  • Randi McGinn, a criminal defense lawyer in New Mexico, wrote the following letter to Randy after hearing him speak about the Adams case at a NACDL Seminar:

“Your talk and your work in that case exemplified the very best qualities of lawyering.  Without self-promotion or self-aggrandizement, you inspired those of us in the audience to persevere in our fight for those wrongly accused by the government.  I am glad there are people and lawyers like you left in the world.”


  • Jan Fox, a criminal defense lawyer, wrote the following letter to Randy after he came to her aid when an appellate court had criticized her conduct in a published opinion:

“I got back in town today to find your letter and was touched beyond my ability to tell you.  I couldn’t imagine a more eloquent statement of the facts, and I couldn’t want a better champion for my profession or myself.  That you made the effort at all makes me proud.  That you did it so well reminds me of what real lawyering is all about.”


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